Does turning down hot tub save money? (2023)

Does turning down hot tub save money?

The easiest way to save money on your hot tub is to turn the temperature down a few degrees. Each degree will save you approx. 10% on your hot tub energy bill. This might be a good idea if you like it a bit cooler.

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What is the most economical way to run a hot tub?

It is far more energy‑efficient to start your hot tub up with warm water rather than filling the hot tub with cold water and waiting for the pump's heater to do all the work. Additionally, if you don't require your hot tub to be as full as possible then consider only filling it up to the minimum line.

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Should I turn my hot tub down when not in use?

Hot tub temperature when not in use

If you're not going to be using your hot tub for an extended period, avoid turning it off completely and keep it at a lower temperature of around 30°C. Turning off your hot tub isn't necessary as this can use more energy when reheating it and will be less cost efficient.

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Is it cheaper to keep a hot tub hot?

It's cheaper!

Once your hot tub is up to the desired temperature, it only requires a relatively small amount of electricity to keep the water at that temperature.

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Why is my hot tub using so much electricity?

Some Factors That Lead To High Electricity Bills

The same applies in case the tub is poorly installed, poorly insulated, or lacks insulation. If your location is too cold, the hot tub will have to work harder to meet the heating needs and maintain the water temperatures at 104 degrees F.

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What is best temperature for hot tub?

Temperature Limits

It is important to ensure that you stay under the recommended Maximum Temperature for Hot Tubs, which is 40°C/104°F. By exceeding the 40°C/104°F recommended temperature limit, you are putting your body at risk – let's all stay safe so we can carry on enjoying our tubs!

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Should I leave my hot tub running all the time?

So, should I leave my hot tub on all the time? Yes, you should leave your hot tub on all of the time. Hot tubs are designed to always be switched on and it's more economical to keep the water hot than it is to heat it up from cold each time you want to use it.

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Does it cost more to run a hot tub in the winter?

On average, during winter in cold climates, expect an increase of $20 to $30 per month on the electricity bill over what is already being paid during warmer months. However, for poorly insulated tubs, plug-and-play tubs, or inflatable hot tubs, the cost could be as high as an additional $50 per month.

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How much electricity does a hot tub use per year?

According to the National Spa and Pool Institute, spas con- sume an average of 2,514 kWh per year, making the average cost of heating it more than $250 a year (at 10 cents/kWh).

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How expensive is it to run a hot tub?

Modern manufacturers advertise the cost to run their hot tubs at about one dollar per day, with $50 per month at the high end. The energy cost of a hot tub varies based mainly on the heater, which usually draws between 1,500 watts or 6,000 watts. The pump is another prime energy user at 1,500 watts.

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How often should my hot tub run?

In order to properly filter the water in a hot tub, suction side filtration systems need to run a minimum of 8 hours per day, with most requiring 12-24 hours per day. The longer these systems run for, the higher your energy costs become.

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Should I leave my hot tub heater on overnight?

In most cases, yes; you should leave your hot tub on 24/7. Frequently turning it off and on, or frequently lowering and raising the temperature will significantly raise your electricity costs. However, do consider turning it off, or winterizing it, if you plan to be away for 3 weeks or longer.

Does turning down hot tub save money? (2023)
Can I run a hot tub on solar power?

By capturing free energy from the sun with solar panels instead of using electric, you can heat your hot tub in the same way as a conventional heating system at a fraction of the cost. While there may be an initial outlay, by using solar power to heat your hot tub, you will be lowering your bills considerably.

Should my hot tub pump run all the time?

Since your hot tub pump circulates the warm water as well as the sanitizer, a general rule is to follow manufacturer recommendations or leave the pump on for a minimum of eight hours per day.

What temperature should a hot tub be set at?

The majority of hot tub users prefer a water temperature in the range of 100°F-102°F. 104°F is the standard maximum temperature, which some users also prefer.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub UK 2022?

Based on our research and real-world feedback from customers in 2022 with current energy tariffs, for a 5-6 seater family spa it costs around £2 - £2.50 per day to run a hot tub in the UK. For smaller spas, or 13A eco-friendly spas, this will be closer to £1.50 - £2 per day.

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