Is being a Rover sitter worth it? (2023)

Is dog sitting on rover worth it?

It is great if it works for you. Good gig for if you work remote and love animals. Rover provides the infrastructure for you to get started and they take their cut for it, so adjust your rates accordingly when practical.

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Do most people tip Rovers?

Tips are not required but they are appreciated. As to amount, It's completely up to you as to how much you feel our service is worth to you. Rover does take 15-20% out of the fee you pay, so we actually receive 80-85% of what you pay up front, if that makes a difference.

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Does rover really work?

Rover is worth working for as a pet sitter or dog lover who enjoys taking care of dogs and needs extra income. You get to work in your own time, set your own rates, and have the option to offer different pet care services. "Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp.

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Is rover good for making money?

How much does Rover pay? You can earn up to $1,000 a month, according to the Rover website. The amount you make depends on the service (or services) you provide and how often you work. Those who offer overnight dog or cat boarding can make twice as much as sitters who don't, the company says.

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Is Rover a good side hustle?

Matching Rover to Your Schedule

Flexibility is key to a great side hustle. As a Rover sitter you'll have complete control over what pet jobs you book and when. Customizable options within the Rover app allow you endless ways to adapt pet sitting to your existing lifestyle.

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How do you succeed in Rover?

Set yourself up for success by:
  1. Encourage your clients to book with you again. ...
  2. Be accessible. ...
  3. Always provide a 5-star experience. ...
  4. Give your loyal clients a heads-up before busy seasons or vacations. ...
  5. Ask clients to book with you again. ...
  6. Never accept cash or checks—always book on Rover.

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How long does it take for the Rover to pay me?

Payout process

Two days after you complete a service, the funds will appear in the Rover Balance section of your account. Once that happens, our payment processor Stripe will automatically transfer the funds to your bank account via direct deposit.

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How does Rover work as a sitter?

You'll maintain a calendar that tells owners when you're available, and owners will contact you directly on Rover. If you like, meet the owner and dog in person before you book. When you're ready, simply book and pay on Rover. You'll keep 80% of what you earn.

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Does Rover take a percentage?

Rover takes a percentage of a sitter's earnings. The customer pays Rover directly a service fee of 5%-7% of the booking total but no more than $25.

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Is wag or Rover better?

However, the glaring difference between the two is the fees: Rover charges a 15-25% fee and Wag charges a 40% fee. While you may want to look into both apps, it's tough to recommend Wag unless you want to offer pet training.

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Can you trust Rover dog sitters?

It takes a while to get comfortable with meeting strangers in your home or in theirs, but by and large Rover's users are just normal, trustworthy people looking for a sitter.

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How much should I charge to dog sit for a week?

Pet sitters charge an average of $25 per 30-minute visit, $20 to $30 per day, $45 to $75 per night, or $250 to $375 per week. Rates depend on the services requested, if you need 24-hour pet care or service on holidays, and if you have additional pets.

Is being a Rover sitter worth it? (2023)
Does Rover report income to IRS?

As a Rover gig worker, you're considered self-employed by the IRS. This means you'll have to pay self-employment tax on your Rover earnings, at a rate of 15.3%. You'll also have to pay federal and state income tax on those earnings.

Can Rover be a full time job?

You will need to offer the full or almost full suite of services if you want to be full-time.

How much should I charge on Rover?

I think you'll agree there's a certain minimum rate that you're willing to accept for a few/several hours—maybe that's approx. $20-25, considering you offer 24 hours of care for approx. $35. For example, to charge $25, book it as Boarding with Cost Adjustment minus -10.

Is being a Rover Walker worth it?

Rover is an excellent way to make extra cash on your own schedule, especially if you're a dog lover. Whether you are looking for a full-time job or a part-time job, becoming a dog walker or dog sitter is an excellent option to explore. Over time, you'll learn how to use your time in the most efficient possible way.

How do I reject a Rover request?

If you're unable to take a stay, it's best to decline a request by politely letting the owner know you are unable to take the stay, and using the “decline and archive” button. Here's what to say to an owner: First, tell them why you can't accept the booking.

How do I get more business on Rover?

8 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Rover Business
  1. Create a Custom Promo Code and Profile Link. ...
  2. Bring Business Cards Everywhere. ...
  3. Partner with Local Businesses. ...
  4. Create a Goodie Bag. ...
  5. Style Your Dogs with Rover Bandanas. ...
  6. Hit Up Yappy Hours and Puppy Parties. ...
  7. Savings for Shelters. ...
  8. Thank You Cards.
Jun 30, 2015

How do you get the first client on Rover?

Create a visually appealing profile, which includes photos of you, photos of you playing with dogs and references from people who know you. If you ever took care of a dog or pet outside of Rover, get someone to write a few references for you. They won't be considered Rover verified, but at least its something!

Why am I not getting booked on Rover?

It just takes time for new sitters to start getting clients. I would suggest checking the listings of other sitters in your area to make sure your rates are reasonable. You might even price yourself lower than others just to get a few new clients. It may be that there is not a need for many sitters in your area.

How do you get found on Rover?

Here are a few things you can do to promote it:
  1. Create a polished profile. A well-written and professional profile is a great way to attract clients.
  2. Advertise your business with promotional material from the Rover Store! Learn more here.
  3. Request testimonials. ...
  4. Share your unique promo code. ...
  5. Rover 101.

Can Rover see your messages?

When this becomes very helpful is if there is ever a dispute between you and the client, Rovers trust and safety team is able to see your exact communication with the owner.

How do you cash out on Rover?

Rover app
  1. Tap More at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap Payments.
  3. Tap Withdraw Money.
  4. Select Connect to Stripe. ...
  5. Select Update payment details and add your Social Security number, when prompted. ...
  6. Review and edit your personal details (if you need to). ...
  7. When you're done, click Submit.

How often do you get paid on Rover?

2 days after the stay is complete, your funds are available. From there you can request payment and have it sent to you either via check or PayPal. With check it can take 5-7 days to get to you, with PayPal its immediately available (on PayPal) and you can transfer to your bank.

What happens if you lose a dog on Rover?

Call Us Right Away

Save our Trust & Safety phone number (888-727-1140) in your contacts, and call us immediately in case of a lost dog. Call the owner right after you call us—they'll often have tips on how to get their dog to come to you.

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